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About Evergreen Music


Based out of Tulsa, OK, Evergreen Music is the worship team of Evergreen Church.  Our prayer is that the songs birthed from our community would be put on the lips of the Church all around the world.  Music has always been a powerful weapon for the Church, and we pray that these songs minister to you and that you're able to use these songs in your fight!


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Want to receive a FULL DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of the new Evergreen Music album before everyone else PLUS A FREE T-SHIRT??  We're looking for 20 dedicated people to help us with the launch of the upcoming album!  If selected, you will be added to our email list and we will send you graphics to post on all of your social media accounts periodically until the day of the release!  Please take a second to fill out the form below to apply!  (You will receive T-shirt upon release of the album!)


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Lead Me To You

by Evergreen Music

“Lead Me to You” was Evergreen Music’s debut album released in 2017.

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